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    #python. #snake

    Rapunzel’s Tower, Wales


    "A brilliant capture of a praying #mantis straddling two budding leaves by #Borneo-based photographer Tustel Ico. (via chris griffin)" - looks like he's riding a bicycle!

    More color combinations taken from nature..


    Who wouldn't love to hug a Rhinovirus?

    RED ladybug

    pleneau bay, anartica.

    Homemade Glow in the Dark Play Dough by sunhatsandwellieboots #Glow_in_the_Dark_Play_Dough #Play_Dough #Kids #sunhatsandwellieboots

    White peacock

    Making speakers from paper, fabric, conductive paint, copper, tape, etc.

    The Hyperbolic Crochet Coral Reef at the Smithsonian Institute - a woman made this originally to aid a math professor trying to teach the concept of hyperbolic geometry.

    soda bottle carrots

    Penguins get valentines at the California Academy of Sciences and use them as nesting material.

    Baked cotton balls

    Oil, Water & food coloring: Make rainbow raindrops in a glass

    Turn your child's 2 dimensional art into a 3 dimensional stuffed animal! How cool is that?

    tiny elephant, Dumbo~baby mine

    Otters sleep holding hands

    Magic Paint Board by Fo' Reals Mom

    DIY garden themed sensory bucket

    Pierce a bag without creating a leak!

    Biodiversity in different habitats: plants and animals