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  • Women Clothings

    What do you think about iPhoneSLR?

  • Jennifer Kaye Smith

    10 Totally Awesome iPhone Camera Accessories » Expert Photography - the iPhone SLR Mount for Nikon or Cannon

  • CvI

    iPhone SLR Mount. A camera lens for the Iphone! What next?!

  • Monica Luzano

    Ridiculous but amazing. But if you have a DSLR camera + lens, why not use it? Portability is no longer a factor... - The iPhone SLR Mount. Yes, it's really real. - Turn your iPhone 4 into a DSLR using real SLR lenses.

  • Maryam Arif

    The new ultimate DSLR camera attachment for the iPhone 4S

  • Kanika Sood

    iPhone SLR Mount iPhone SLR Mount Forget about the fact that you're going to have to carry around a big ol' lens. The iPhone SLR Mount ($190-$249) is here to give your iPhone access to Nikon or Canon lenses for supposedly awesome quality photos. The set includes an aluminum case, a fairly thick lens adapter, and a UV filter, all of which team up to let you attach your favorite zoom, macro, fisheye, or wide angle glass to your always connected shooter, making for nearly endless instant-upload photographic possibilities. More Gear | iPod & iPhone $190-$249 Buy | Share | Save Similar Stuff Air Guitar Move iPhone SLR Mount Case-Mate Titanium iPhone Case Incase Flex Wristband HBO Go Ads by Google Barnes & Noble® Official Up To 90% Off Textbooks. Buy, Sell Rent or Download. Free Ship On New! Refurbished Nikon Lenses Save on Refurbished Nikon Lenses. Buy Refurbished Nikon Lenses Now! Get Uncrate Email | RSS | Twitter | Facebook Uncrate Uncrate is a web magazine for guys who love stuff. Our team digs up the best gadgets, clothes, cars, DVDs and more. New items are posted daily. Enjoy responsibly. Subscribe: Newsletter | RSS Feed RSS Contact: Tips & Requests | Advertise Also: Twitter | Facebook | Widget

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I always direct anyone asking me about my camera (and how to use it) to this site. Its all explained so simply, and taught me how to start using my DSLR. My sister printed it out and keeps it as a reference in her camera bag. Great idea!"

Great photography tips! I had no idea my DSLR had that feature!

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