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I just love this look on guys!

Alec Baldwin. My biggest celebrity crush <3

Sooo why don't all guys look and dress like this ? They don't understand how oh so yummy and irresistable they would be if they did.

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matt bomer

50 Mistakes Guys Make While Getting Dressed

Steve Martin

I actually love this, but I don't know a lot of Caucasian guys who can pull it off

Robert Downey Jr. est un acteur américain né le 4 avril 1965 à New York. Il est principalement connu pour avoir joué dans les films : Chaplin, Tueurs nés, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, Iron Man, Tonnerre sous les tropiques, Sherlock Holmes, et The Avengers

a guy with style <3

kate hudson and matthew mcconaughey. Pair them together in any film and I'll watch haha.


Mens fashion / mens style *for the husband - if he morphed into looking like matt bomer too i wouldn't object*

Now here's a guy with style <3

matt bomer

Matt Bomer

Matt Bomer <3

My Fifty Shades! Matt Bomer

layers // blazer, sweater, oscar isaac, menswear, mens style, pocketsquare


dennis hopper