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Action Figures great to create several of these to have on hand for kids to use as action storytelling figures

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4th grade: Positionable Figure for Drawing & Proportion

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Woman Figure

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Figure Template It's a figure template that artists use to help draw the body in different poses. Now you can buy a plastic version at art supply stores but I thought I'd show you how easy it is to make one. Let's get started.

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Action:use with figure proportion in 5th grade

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Cut shapes out of craft foam and glue to a piece of cardboard to make a stamp. Great idea!!!

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Tableaux Vivants: ‘Living Pictures’ Performance Art (K - 6 Art)

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Vivants Living

Figures Dancing

Art Keith

First grade tableau vivant: Keith Haring, “Five Figures Dancing”. Our first and second graders...

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Human Body Proportions

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I use this picture to talk about human proportions in my art classroom.

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Two printable resources for Keith Haring artwork

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Art Radial

Radial Design Art Lesson

i like this idea. Looking at islamic tile art and making prints to create repeating patterns

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Keith Haring Figures | Keith Haring figures - Raising Arizona Kids Magazine

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action figures

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How to Draw a Cubism Portrait (Art Projects for Kids)

Portrait Picasso

Portrait Art

Portrait Spain

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Artist Picasso

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How to Draw a Cubism Portrait - ART PROJECTS FOR KIDS

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Vasko linocut

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How to Draw a River | Fun Drawing Lessons for Kids & Adults

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A good video to use with elementary students to do human figures in clay. My fourth grade students did very well with this, with me pausing the video after each part to add more instruction. The examples at the beginning and end of the video helped give my students more ideas.

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Abstract Painting Project

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Abstract Painting Project For Kids K-12cant wait to try this. Good lesson site too

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Art Projects for Kids: Warhol Art Trading Cards

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Wonder if we could use our photo portraits for this???

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February Free Draw!

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