Pipe cleaners cut short with a number taped to the end. Have the kids feed the same number of pony beads onto the pipe cleaners. GREAT for one-to-one correspondence and fine motor skills!

Work on number recognition, counting, and hand strength with this simple activity for kids using paint chips and a paper punch

Fine motor activity (i can probably modify this for the older ones by having simple addition/subtraction problems where the answers are the number of beads to thread)

sequencing number puzzles - would do with some numbers missing as well

Counting Activity with cards

preschool bags

DIY Number Cards from Dot Stickers. Fun, cute and easy. Make yourself or have your kids make them - cute blog post

Color and number matching game for beginning of the year. Helps with subitizing and number recognition.


Great, fun matching game

Hands-on Math centers for the beginning of the year

A super simple "number correspondence" tool to help preschool kids learn math with beads. Think I will incorporate this into. 'Quiet book' for Molly with ribbons instead of pipe cleaners as well

Preschool learning

Counting with beads & pipe-cleaners (",)

Spring Counting Kites: Counting Corresponding Numbers of Objects #math #preschool #kindergarten

Cute for counting...

Great fine motor activity: push different coloured pipe cleaners into styrofoam circles. The children thread on beads of the corresponding colour.

Clip the right # of clothes pins onto big number cut outs. Math and fine motor in one activity.

Texture Sequencing Sticks - color, texture and quantities matched to digits. Lots of simultaneous learning happening. When students make these for themselves you add fine motor. I would let them keep the sticks in a pencil box at their desk and help them learn to count objects and match the spoken number word to the symbolic digit - so difficult for some of my kiddos.


Math- Interactive way for children to begin to understand their numbers (both written and quantity) and practice one to one correspondence. Children have the chance to use the same colour for each number or a variety of colours. Can increase the numbers once children have mastered 1-5.