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This speciec is considered common through out it's wide range. The Anhinga's breeding range runs from eastern Texas to the Carolines amd south to Brazil. Winters in the southeastern US from the Carolinas to the Gulf Coast. Inhabits slow moving freshwaters, swamps, streams, or lakes filled with vegetation. May also be found in brackish waters such as bay or lagoons as well as saltwater marine coasts. Seeks sheltered water with perching trees. Nests 3 to 10 feet above water.

Boquillas Canyon Trail Overlooking the Rio Grande and Chisos Mountain Range, Big Bend Texas (Photographed by Jennifer Prince)

Jacob's Well, Texas

Jacob's Well, Texas

A paradise for divers…

Jacob's Well, Texas

American Robin (Turdus migratorius) - The American robin is popularly recognized as a "harbinger-of-spring." American robins can be found in the eastern and northern United States west almost to the Rocky Mountains and northwest Alaska. Some range maps indicate that the species is found across the country. Robins winter as far south as the Gulf Coast west to Texas.

American dipper (Cinclus mexicanus) - This fairly common species is found in a broad range, north from upper Alaska south to central Mexico and east to New Mexico. The dipper's primary habitat is along fast moving streams and rivers from about 2,000 foot elevations to the timberline of coniferous forests. Nests over or very near water in rock or other niches which may occur from water level to an elevation of about 15 feet.

American Redstart (Setophaga ruticilla) This Abundant species is found in a very wide breeding range from southeastern Alaska, south as far as Texas and Oklahoma amd east to South Carolina. The breed winters from Baja Califonia east to central Florida and as far south as Brazil. It's habitat is as varied as it's range from deciduous forest to mixed coniferous-deciduous areas. May also occur around farms and orchards.