Perfect Gym by Motyf

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#Branding / #Stationery Mock-up on Behance

Akolade identity by Vio Pintilie

identity / Varig Redesign: Leo Porto #font - trade gothic

identity / PACIFIC-TG

Samsung Developers Brand eXperience Design by Cooky Yoon, via Behance

Garderobbery by Pavel Ilyuk

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Lollia by Margot Elena creates gorgeous packaging and products | I want to take a bubble bath now!

Film Festival Branding by Regji Studios #spaincreative

Brand Identity

MARTIN GROHS • IDENTITY • REDESIGN by Martin Grohs, via #Behance

Fresh identity design for a student sport and fitness centre in Norway - SiO Design: Mission - Hege Homstvedt / Gary Swindell

Corporate Identity commissioned for Kupua, an upcoming event management company specialized in love catering. Despite their specialization, the client asked for a logo that didn't transmit immediately the idea of "love" to allow for future expansion of the company as an event planning company. Enjoy

Exel International : Nouvelle identité pour l'entreprise spécialisée en fabrication de composants électriques. Stratégie de positionnement, logo, papeterie, catalogue de produits, documents de présentation, site Web trilingue, kiosque d'exposition, conception graphique et rédaction variées, publicités, service-conseil marketing.

Brand identity

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identity design

Taiama Logo Design, Inspiration & Corporate Identity via Beahnce