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Tuesday the 17th< I came to this episode while in my Film As Literature class and most ironically while we were watching Horror films. I thought this had the classic (yet cheesy) elements of a horror film, almost wanted to show it in class.

shawn & gus's epic bromance! oh how I love psych. Elissa Eblin Schlosser can we be neighbors have a pool reaching both yards? :)

Friends. I'd love to have a friendship like this. I mean I have close friends but Shawn and Gus's, there's something magical about it.

Psyche is Scooby Doo meets 80's Renaissance meets "The gods Must Be Crazy"

First Pinned: Sean and Gus ♥ My Pin: YOU SPELLED HIS NAME WRONG!!!!!

"Shawn: Drop you cone! Gus: I’m not dropping my cone, Shawn. Shawn: When are you gonna eat that? Gus: I don’t wanna die on an empty stomach, Barry. Shawn: Who is Barry? Gus: I don’t know. Shawn: What do we do when we get to the end of the pier? Gus: Why don’t you ask Barry?" This was a funny episode lol!!

Pineapple Fistbump Shawn and Gus (Psych) 0Feb 10, 2013 forget the pumpkins I wana carve a pineapple

shawn! Lol. Of course he knows how much gus has how else does he get the mony he wants lol.

Gus. You can't not love him. He's just amazing with his black amazing head of greatness and the super sniffer is a whole new level of great

Oh my goodness, this literally made me about cry... from laughing... Psych is the best show ever.

Hahaha! I can't remember if this was in an episode I've already seen yet, but it's so funny!