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by javidelucar

This horse's head and neck are being forced into an unnatural and painful position known as rollkur. Sickeningly, some consider this beautiful. Stick up for the horse, don't support the equestrian Olympics when the judges give points for this!


Funny horse picture peeking around a tree with tongue sticking out! Horses have a sense of humor, too.

Cowboy Magic likes horses with different color patterns

Pongo,aka Spotty, a leopard spot - crossbreed of a Dartmoor pony and British Spotted pony. / All I know is this baby is beautiful!

Haflinger and like OMG! get some yourself some pawtastic adorable cat apparel!

"Haflinger Wintersturm - Christiane Slawik" Picture by Christiane Slawik buy now as poster, art print and greeting card.

ridiculously gorgeous equines

Flaxen maned Arabian / With a big black horse and a cherry tree hou zoveel van paarden