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I like that this font looks like it has texture. It isn't too hard to read with just a few letters, but it probably wouldn't work with multiple lines of text.

7. This infographic is coincidentally pertinent to our class. It goes through different tips and tricks to help in becoming a successful graphic designer. there are pie charts and longitudinal charts, as well as a humourous one (Do i need to draw?; 99% no, 1% yes.)

i like the use of color here. (not so much how the letters overlap) Vibrance!

1969 Advertising Poster, Five British Graphic Designers, by Studio Coppola, Milan, Italy

Art Cover Poster Visual Graphic Composition | Poster Graphic Design

Saul Bass / design is thinking made visual

Know Your File Types Know Your File Types and When to Use JPEG, GIF, and PNG (infographic)

Fantastic Graphic and Motion Design Work of Sebastian Onufszak

34 Typographic Sins. Does anyone else remember being taught to use two spaces at the end of sentences? Am I showing my age?

I think this is a cool concept, but it is unclear why they chose to do this. The text is hard to read too.