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Official Sherlock Cluedo Due for release end of October, pre-order now from Amazon UK. //i would buy this.

Sherlock: Its this, or Cluedo. John: No! Sherlock: Why? John: Because, Sherlock, its not actually possible for the victim to do it! Sherlock: Its the only possible explanation! John: No, its not in the rules! Sherlock: Well then the rules are wrong!

"It's an ear hat, John." I laughed so hard!! Gets me every time.

"What am I supposed to do with it? Throw it? Its an ear hat, John. Its got ear flaps." One of my favorite parts in the series.

This is what happens to Sherlockians when they wait too long. AHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! YES THIS IS PEPRFECT! "The streets come alive...with the sound of MURDER!"

"The streets are alive with the sound of murder." hahaha<<< The Clues we have found. We've never seen beforeeee! My boredom will be stopped with the sound of murder. and and I will find very clue there is.


yea, I was sad when Sherlock stepped off that roof, but this was funny.I'm obviously more of a Doctor Who fan if I'm not as outraged as some other people --- oh gosh I can't pick

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When we were in New York we traveled miles and miles out of our way to go to a Doctor Who themed bar, including a bathroom shaped like the TARDIS and several themed drinks. I would totally frequent fandom bars if I could!

This is what me and this kid do all the time. "If you could go live in a book, which one would it be?"

But I’m a fangirl, and I can’t be normal<-- its scientifically and physically impossible.<<<aren't normal people adorable.<<< I think by now, people that do not fangirl/fanboy are abnormal

Potterlock-- OMG THIS IS ALL KINDS OF PERFECT!!! I need the extended version!!!<<YES!!

Yes, I know this is long. But its an awesome fanfic of the Sherlock characters as professors at Hogwarts!<-----omgomgomg I thought he was on the Hogwarts train before I even clicked on it! I LOVE this.


true story<< I think the fact that it has less than ten episodes is why it ruins your life

Someone get us Season 3 quickly because we're becoming more insane everyday...(prolonged exposure drove [and is driving us] insane)

The coolest security company…