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  • Heather Allen

    What's a Word Wall? Different ways to do one, and other really good ways to teach sight words.

  • Martha Rogers

    Idea for flashlight, flashlight game-use with word wall. Fun ideas for high frequency word practice!

  • JoAnn Fiscus

    3 Word Wall Games Tic-Tac-Toe Help children learn how to read and write sight words by playing this fun game! Select at least 9 words that your students know and write them on the board. Have them fill in the tic-tac-toe board. The first student to have 3-in-a-row wins! (Can be played in the small group and whole group setting!) Word Wall Pizza Have students write a word (that they can read) from the Word Wall on each crust. Students color a pepperoni slice when a word is called out that they have written. Once all of the pepperonis are colored, the student calls out "Word Wall Pizza" and reads all of their words to the class. Flashlight, Flashlight During the first few weeks of school, CVC and CVCC words are added to the Word Wall. Throughout the year, add non-decodable words to the wall. Using a flashlight, turn off all of the lights, sing the song, and shine the flashlight on a word. Have a child say the sounds in that word and put them together to "read" the word. Repeat this song and shine on another word to be read!

  • Crystal Garcia

    Word Wall activities

  • Darcy Flye

    Great ideas for language arts & reading..

  • Nicole Long

    WORD RECOGNITION PIN 1. Sight Word Bean Bag Sound Toss. This activity can be done in the classroom in small groups (3-5), large groups (6-10) or whole class. Each group will be given 5 bean bags and a plastic bin. For each word the teacher recites or they see written on a chart in their group, they must toss the correct number of bean bags that indicates the number of different sounds they hear in the word. For example, they would toss two bean bags for the sight word 'away' into the bin.

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Writing Station Activities for Young Learners-Students will write down sight words from their word wall for their grade level, Kindergarten or First Grade to complete this activity.

Come Together Kids: BANG! ( A fun flashcard game ) Really great to learn sight words, numbers, letters, vocabulary words, math problems. Can use this in various amounts and ages :)

FREE Sight Word Coloring Worksheet: it, in, if - Sharon Dudley - TeachersPayTeache...

Sight words - This is a fun hands on center to help your students learn the sight word spellings. Students write the words in the rice using chopsticks or their fingers. It's a great sensory activity and is very exciting, too! Sight words for grade K-2 are provided. Center can also be used for identifying letters/numbers, spelling various vowel patterns, math skills, etc. Blank "Veggie" cards are provided for you to adapt the center to your lessons.

Students practice spelling each others names...could do this with sight words too! Could use a door, a filing cabinet, or magnetic white board!

Which Word is Which? is a homophone activity that meets the Common Core Standard in Vocabulary Acquisition. This activity allows students to demonstrate various multi-sensory skills to determine word meaning. Students use linguistic (word) intelligence as well as spatial (visual) intelligence to better understand the meaning of words. Interpersonal (people smart) skills may also be used if you choose to allow students to work with a partner to complete this activity.($.2.00)

Word Wall - Spring Words {84 words}. Includes a personal word wall for students, a file-folder word wall for the writing/word work center and big cards for the classroom wall in color and black and white. Also comes with several different word wall worksheets.

Must have Cheer Cards for your Word Wall... Use to get your students motivated to learn the sight words! (Ideas for cheer box) $

I pinned this the other day. This one works better. First they trace the sight word (we call them star words), then they take colored pencils and "rainbow write inside the word", and finally they cut out the individual letters and glue them in the box in the correct order.

Could use the song to introduce the week's sight words then post five on the door for kiddos to have to high five one and read it every time they leave the room

Most of this is kinder-geared but I did see some center ideas that I could use---like using straws to match objects, pics, words...great tactile activity!