1800s Civil War Era Forks 3 Prong Flatware Utensils I have a couple already and LOVE them.

A rare Civil War medical bottle with label reading: U.S. Army Medical Supplies Jacob Dunton, Philadelphia.

Civil War era flatware

American Civil War Era Photographs

More Civil War era photos.

Old Abe, the American War Eagle, was the mascot of the 8th Wisconsin Regiment in the Civil War. Old Abe was in thirty-nine battles during the Civil War including Fredericktown, and the Siege of Vicksburg. Old Abe was not just a mascot, but became a patriotic symbol for the entire nation.

Colorized Civil War Picture

A Black Civil War Soldier from the 4th U.S. Colored Troops.

This photo by Alexander Gardner depicts Union Colonel James H. Childs (middle, standing) and several other officers at Westover Landing, Va. in 1862. Childs was later killed at the Battle of Antietam. -- I'm posting this here because the cavalry stationed at Ft Laramie in 1859 would have been similarly dressed

Civil War Era Cavalry Boots 1860s. *s*

Faces of the Civil War

Civil War Life.

Civil War Soldiers shoes...

Civil War Hospital

Mother and her four daughters from the Civil War era

Civil War submarine

Atlanta in the Civil War

civil war revolver

US Civil War Surgeon's Kit

Civil War Photo

Paula Hitler was Adolf Hitler's sister. He had 5 sibling but only Paula survived to adulthood. When Hitler came to power he had her change her name to Wolf to protect her. When the war was over she moved near the Eagle's Nest, Hitler's Lair & lived the rest of her life making & selling floral crafts. She never accepted Hitler's part in the Holocaust & said she always loved him. Former SS officers provided bodyguard service to protect her from the legions who wanted to hurt her. She died in 1...