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    A fun alternative map, adapted so you can create you own weather forecasts.

    A great editable template which allows you to create your own stamps.

    Creating your own newspaper for English, History, Science

    Vector Hills Template

    A brilliant summer template allowing you to create your own dream ice lolly flavour and ice cream toppings. A great template for children on long car journeys or on a rainy day or even as a holiday activity.

    Rubber stamps in PowerPoint PowerPoint Template

    Following our sucessful alphabet template we have created this numbers and punctuation template, it allows you to move around each letter to create your own words – from your own name, to project titles and even fun cards

    nice template of a blue present with gold ribbon and gift tag design.

    template shows a photograph of a selection of brightly coloured sweets called jelly beans.

    Bon voyage

    free ppt template

    We just love sticky notes to stick all over our office to help us remember things, until we have so many sticky notes that we need a sticky note to remind us to clean up. Here is a sticky note template for you sticky note fans.

    Map of Spain Template. One of many PowerPoint templates on Presentation Magazine.

    A brilliantly designed powerpoint based on the popular tablet. This could be used to share any kind of message with your audience.

    blueprint design of a house in powerpoint

    editable powerpoint template shows a rustic billboard at night.

    I love this template created by one of our designers

    nimal tracks can make an interesting pattern, with that in mind we came up with this Paw print powerpoint template.

    Powerpoint clipart - cinema ticket

    My latest powerpoint creation - decided to add the county names as I was feeling patriotic

    reminds me of the fuzzy felt toy I had as a child - vector hills powerpoint

    crisp powerpoint template shows a pair of scissors gliding through cutting strips of paper.

    quirky powerpoint template shows multi-coloured glow sticks on a black background.

    Powerpoint could be used for presentations on light, shadows, springs, shapes and rainbow colours.

    powerpoint made from a picture of my guinea pig bailey at 10 weeks old - so cute!