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I wonder if they even remember what life was like without instantaneous information and entertainment.

Funny Pictures Of The Day – 80 Pics

The Cat In The Hat? Or maybe THE GHOST? Free today only on

This is exactly what the stray cat and her surrogate kitty friend that I had hanging in my backyard looked like before a great animal savior came by to help them and her 5 babies too! Aww

Every time I watch this I feel like there is just no way this is real life... like this has to be some prank :). "We got some idiot from the projects" "Hide yo kids, hide yo wife" "We gonna find you!" "You just so stupid. For real" bwhahahha!!!!

Pictures That Will Make You Laugh 10 -

There comes a point when you're so overworked that the stress tips you the other way and everything is hilarious. I have reached that point.