surreal photomanipulations by Irene Z aka Miraccoon

Amandine Van Ray is an Estonia based artist who creates Surreal artworks by combing photography and digital art.

鏡を持つ少女たち。「不思議の国のアリス」を連想させる写真シリーズ「Mirrors」イギリスはロンドンのフォトグラファーVictoria Audouard

Mind-Blowing Theories That Will Change Your Perception of the World" The Alice in Wonderland esk picture caught my attention with the use of fading in areas and the mirror, but then the article held it. The theories really are mind blowing.

Antonio Mora artista spagnolo al quale piace creare cocktail combinando, attraverso una fusione digitale, ritratti fotografici con paesaggi.

A great series combing landscapes, trees and rivers with portrait photography. Dream Portraits is by Spanish artist and creative photographer Antonio Mora.

You are not just another person in the world, you are the world ~ author/artist unknown

Sun is upset and moon is happy, Because sun is missing you, And moon is gonna be with you, For rest of the night. Have a wonderful night.

Highly Edited Images And Their Origins - Damn! LOL

Funny pictures about Highly edited images and their origins. Oh, and cool pics about Highly edited images and their origins. Also, Highly edited images and their origins.

Thought this was pretty neat.

Inspiration Gallery #013 — Misc. inspiration

Photo Manipulations and Digital Art by Michael Oswald. Michael Oswald is a digital artist with a unique style. His technique involves a combination of phot

" ... bir sürgünüm ben bu dünyada sürgünüm ve kimse anlamıyor ruhumun dilinden ..."  Halil Cibran

Time is endless. Yet time has an end. Time matters little when you're with the people you love. When they told us we no longer had as much time as we needed, time was all we wanted.

Él se encarga de arruinarlo y destruirlo todo.Nos recuerda no quién fuimos, sino quién somos. Y cuando llegue el turno de enfrentar, no se puede combatir.Eso lo aprendí de saturno y de cronos .Vale más quien deja huella y no quien más dura .Y algo que perdura puede ser abrumador .El que se atrevió a decir que el tiempo todo lo cura .Seguro que no usaba o no tenía reloj C.J.

Looks like a combination of Steampunk and work of the artist Salvador Dali. Surrealism and fantasy of the imagination. This image has been created using Photoshop for image manipulation.

What is your TRUE inner element? Take a quiz to find out!

What is my "TRUE" inner element?

Houston, we have a problem.

Surreal Digital Illustrations by Tebe Interesno. party on the moon! bring your dinosaurs


Funny pictures about Funny portraits of animals dressed like humans. Oh, and cool pics about Funny portraits of animals dressed like humans. Also, Funny portraits of animals dressed like humans.

NORAS GR: Google+

ringing NEW meaning to the ole "Egg & Spoon Race" (ahem! Still Life Photography – 30 Brilliant Shots

The different faces we put on

This post-modern photograph portrays a meaning of appearances in how we view ourselves. The image has been altered in photoshop to create faces different emotions.

ROSIE- Due to the stars and atmosphere surrounding the image of the eye, this design connotes feelings of being watched in the atmosphere and outer worlds. It has a very eerie feel to it while at the same time draws the viewers attention in to make meaning of the image.

Some of the Most Surreal Art from Omni Magazine

Distortion of scale and altered reality. The idea that the night sky could be a veil through which a much larger and superior being can keep an eye on us, is a distortion of size and scale, that is on the one hand comforting, and on the other, disturbing.