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    • Allison Driver

      These #pregnancy nutrition tips will change your pregnancy! Apply these #pregnancydiet tips and I promise you will PREVENT EXCESS WEIGHT GAIN and have tons of energy.

    • Alaina Rachelle

      Pregnancy fitness tips to help you keep your figure and prevent unnecessary weight gain.

    • Shelby Munson

      **One Day soon I will Need This.... Pregnancy Workouts to Prevent Excess Weight Gain!!**

    • Natalie Hogg

      Pregnancy exercise tips to prevent excess weight gain and keep up your energy

    • Michael J.

      Pregnancy Diet & Nutrition Tips | Michelle Marie Fit Pregnancy Diet & Nutrition Tips Plan out a healthy menu for the week and COMMIT to it. Make sure that in your weekly menu you have a variety of different healthy foods in order to give all the nutrients to your baby. Make sure that you choose yummy foods so that you enjoy what you eat, because if not, you will end up bingeing. Take some time to look through recipe books, magazines, online and choose yummy healthy recipes and meals so that you enjoy eating healthy.   I have a great healthy recipe book called Eat To Be Fit, it has tons of yummy, easy and delicious healthy recipes, you may want to give it a try. At the beginning of the week, make or buy a bunch of healthy snacks and have them readily available.   Every time you leave your house, whether its for 5 minutes or 4 hours, take a bunch of healthy snacks with you in your bag.   This will prevent you from feeling sick and also prevent bad cravings.Make sure to eat something every 2-3 hours. Don't over indulge.  Feel yourself out, when you are full, stop eating.  Just listen to your body and don't worry about calories. Take a good prenatal vitamin.Drink a TON OF WATER.

    • Ashlee Guymon

      These pregnancy nutrition tips will change your pregnancy! Apply these pregnancy diet tips and I promise you will PREVENT EXCESS WEIGHT GAIN and have tons of energy. In the future.

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