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  • Chawee Taningco

    12 great ideas for what to do with all your child's paintings - displays ideas, and how to turn them into toys and gifts

  • Lori Lindeman

    drawing faces with childrenNurtureStore

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Self portaits with a tissue paper collage background

Drawing self portraits...

Classroom portraits. Add small clipboard/bulldog clip under each one and use it to display each child's dictations/writing throughout the year, just placing one sheet on top of the previous one as a permanent record of their growth.

winter portraits - I like this alternative to drawing the face as the only way to make a portrait or self-portrait.... I don't really like that it seems to be directional drawing as they all look the same.

Learn to draw basic prortions of the face for portraits of people.  This is a lesson for beginners.

make a 'bad hair day' by writing their name over and over for the hair

Make a fairy garden with a few pots, shells and stones. Perhaps you'll catch a fairy if you leave it overnight.

No Paint Brushes Allowed Painting Station: encourage your kids creativity with some different art tools.

Self portrait mosaics- fun collage art for kids

portraits - I remember doing this in high school. They are probably still floating around somewhere in the studio!

Presidents Day - George Washington Portrait (Starting with a large oval (egg) for the face, we would draw two footballs for eyes. Add circles for the pupils and irises. A big nose. Straight line for the mouth.Then a little smile underneath (bottom lip) and two mountains on top (top lip) Don't forget eyebrows and ears!)

Kindergarten Self Portraits! How cute are these? Trace an oval template, draw in their eyes, neck and shoulders and then embark on a painting adventure. They paint their faces and necks first, their tops next and backgrounds last. Set aside to dry. Next class, paint eyes, nose and mouth. Add hair and voila! A beautiful self portrait!