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  • Rebecca Martin

    "Today we write a birthday card to Luke Perry, the holy creator of our current romantic disillusion. What? Yes. Yes, Luke Perry is to blame for your bad taste in men. Luke Perry is the reason you only date assholes with drinking problems and cool cars (or less cool skateboards). Luke Perry is who you should raise that next bottle of wine you drink alone on your couch to, while tearing up to re-runs of Grey’s Anatomy (but not the one where they all sing because that one’s stupid)."

  • Lea Angela Cernal

    90s styles worth keeping

  • Xantal J.Riba

    Luke Perry as Dylan McKay in "Beverly Hills", 90210 (TV Series)

  • Bridget McDowell

    The Fictional Characters Who First Turned You On #refinery29 Dylan McKay, Beverly Hills, 90210He wasn’t the first bad boy in a leather jacket and a Porsche, but he was the one we all fell for the second Brenda Walsh laid eyes on him.

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Tupperware tumblers from the 80's. Used them with sippy lids when my kids were small.

And finally, you know you grew up in the 90s if you can't help but finish the sentence "In West Philadelphia, born and raised..." :) #schuhloveskickershi

Yikes! Pencils your parents won't swipe!

80 Totally Awesome Things From The '80s - Jennifer, Dawn, many of these things do you guys remember?? Gives me the warm fuzzies :)

No one ever knows what the heck I'm talking about when I start up with the yip yip yip uh-huh uh-huhs!

Treasure Trolls. I even had a pair of earrings that were these things! Ha Ha! And still have them all!!

90s hairstyles scrunchies - Google Search