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    Ohrbachs - I Found Out About Joan

    cats waiting for the fishermen to return.

    A single nickel was all it cost for a good sized Butterfinger chocolate bar back in 1933. #graphicdesign #vintage #ads

    cat and lady

    Classy cats wearing ties...


    For all your cat storing needs.

    allison - you need to get/make these pronto. chester and emily will be 125% cuter. especially when they make that sulky/disapproving face, which you know they will.

    Vintage gum advertisement "Dentyne, part of the fun of going places.."

    blue cat

    1950s Ad for Maltesers Chocolate Candy - seems to be an earlier version of today's 'Whoppers'

    Dippity-do 1969.... YEP! had this stuff! we'd put it on our hair and roll it on orange juice cans with both ends cut would make your hair straight...which was THE style in the 60's!

    cats will be.......cats!

    vintage Maybelline ad ... i used to wear blue eye shadow all the time back in the late 60s-early 70s!

    Los Angeles, 1946

    So Couture - Navy Mistress Mad Men Vintage Swing dress

    french cat

    'Are You Kitten Me Right Meow?' - Nope!

    Black Cat Winery