Ohrbachs - I Found Out About Joan

Hula Cat! ≧^◡^≦ ☀

funny cat clothes



CAT VOGUE "A fun tribute to a 1950′s Vogue cover photographed by Irving Penn" by Christina Ung, illustrator and artist. Quote from her website.

This is Jonathan. Alarm Cat. What's it with tuxedos and HUGE LUNGS???

feline groovy 1950s record cover

Vintage ad


cat show!

Vintage cat lady

Bemberg Stockings, 1931.

cats waiting for the fishermen to return.

Marimekko - Black Cat and Cup. #art #cute #cats

She is not JUST a cat, thank you

allison - you need to get/make these pronto. chester and emily will be 125% cuter. especially when they make that sulky/disapproving face, which you know they will.