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wait for it (Le Love)

I cannot believe how true this is... infact its so true that I feel guilty because I now understand how we all know how each other feels but refuse to let it out and then we get trapped in each others feelings but dont know it that they are not only our own but everybody elses as well...

Life's not always a pile of sunshine daisies and there are people who know what you're going through. This shall be the start of my board with helpful quotes from them for when life shows it's true colors.

F. Scott Fitzgerald Quote Typed on Typewriter

Written like a true wannabe. I'm vaguely irritated by this depiction of emotional idiocy. Passion and romance and an addled brain.

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you captivate are always on my mind.....and when I look at you and you give me that absolutely sexy smile of heart just melts......I've never felt so loved......wanted....needed.....I love our life together....I love you

Or the words; so much of Char's skin was covered in words, meaningless words that she said without thinking about the consequences. Of course, she hadn't at first realized that each one would leave her lips and return to her hands.