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Braided barrettes Had to repin these, I still have a pair I made for my daughter, one of many pairs, back in the early eighties.

braided ribbon barrettes// we made these in Girl Scouts. They were red/white-- I had to wait to wear mine because my hair hadn't came back in after chemo.


Braided Barretts in any colors you pick two colors for the ribbon, and as many colored beads for the ends of them. I can also make them without the beads too.

I loved these. I had a pair in every color....my Mom would get so mad at the clickey clonckety noise they made

Scholl's Exercise Sandals, circa I loved mine! I had 2 colors.

OMG I had a pair of these exact jeans--I loved them to pieces!

Fold over jeans--what a horrible look! fold over, light acid wash and pleats! NOBODY looked good in these!

Retro shoelaces with hearts, rainbows, kisses, etc. on them.

Fancy Shoe Laces - wow, I had a collection of these in grade school!

Dr. Scholl's - it hurt like heck when your foot slipped off and stepped on the edge of the wooden platform.

Blast from the past: Dr. Scholl's Women's Original Sandal - I have a pair of these in my closet but they are not the originals. The originals stayed on much easier.

80's jeans.  Yep.  Sadly, I had these very jeans.  Even worse, I actually wore them!

Zena Jeans, Late I was the first to wear baggy jeans lol oh boy