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Clavilux 2000 - Interactive instrument for generative music visualization by Jonas Heuer. The Clavilux 2000 is an interactive instrument for generative music visualization, which is able to generate a live visualization of any music played on a digital piano. The setting of the installation consists of three parts: A digital piano with 88 keys and midi output, a computer running a vvvv patch and a vertical projection above the keyboard.

SPINE by Kollision. Spine is an interactive installation based on twenty glowing cubes and an atmospheric sound composition. Each cube is moved precisely in fluid motions by two computer-controlled motors.

21 Balançoires (21 Swings) by Daily Tous Les Jours. Beautiful installation piece. Musical swings.

horace-bénédict de saussure’s cyanometer, instrument that measures the blueness of the sky

Clara Rockmore and Bob Moog discuss the Theremin.

Love is in the Air by Wriggles & Robins. Incredible projection stuff!

Flying Lotus 'Layer 3'. Great visuals using multilayer projection techniques and transparencies. Very cool.

THE VOID (audiovisual installation). “THE VOID” Panoramic interactive projection, 4.0 surround sound Saint-Petersburg, Russia Loft Project...

...except with even more lasers. And zombies, of course

This mega-synth at MIT is nuts - and you can actually hear it and control it through your browser!

Great mini documentary on projection mapping.

Le Corbeau voulant imiter l'Aigle by Reineke.