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Because the battle is always won far away and long before the final victory.

Iiiik!...Uhm,This´s An Interesting Place...Samissomar´s Pinterests Have Really Caught My Attention !...

And, of course, Mr. Mischief! He does tricks galore and eats all the seed I buy for the sweet little birdies. He is Mr. Mischief, for sure!

He would help all the squirrels around and one time when people were cutting down a tree and the squirrels were grabbing there babies and bringing them to my dads yard because they knew they were safe there. He did feed them peanut butter bread so they also knew where to go.

Baby Squirrel Regina Doughman via Robyn Frandemo onto Who are you Squirrels?

“Autumn Squirrel” by Edwin Kats

"I'm going nuts!!" [Photographer Edwin Kats - March 2012]'h4d'121103

There are so many amazing things about this photo: the blue ice in the background, blue water, and then the amazing polar bears; one of which is shown diving into the water!