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Carpe that fucking diem

Carpe that fucking diem

It's true. a cup of tea does wonders. if you're having a headache, drinking a cup of tea always helps ! Even after a long busy day at the office I notice once I'm sipping on some tea then everything is alright :))

A cup of little world. - null

My cup of tea Surrealism

While Holding Coffee

Adamo Photography It's coming up on the end of my weekend, and I am sitting at the kitchen table with a glass of cold coffee, pleasantly.

Is It Good or Bad? Pros and Cons of Drinking Coffee.

Very cool reflection!

cup of trees. Laura - i really like how the reflection of the tree's reflect into the cup

Pellmell Créations: Le petit thé illustré

Le petit thé illustré

Pellmell Créations: Le petit thé illustré

a must for winter

Cheshire cat tea steam art awesome pretty Alice in Wonderland flowers vintage tea cup mad hatter bonkers crazy


Black and White My favorite photo:

успокойтесь, кофе в студию... интерн

I love my coffee. now that is what you call real big cup of coffee!

I like painting and I like coffee :)

Tea and books = magic.

How does this make you feel? • Artist: unknown #artforbreakfast

How does this make you feel?

Good Morning Coffee, Coffee Break, Photography, Espresso, Teas, Breakfast, Fotografie, Expresso Coffee, Tea

Coffee is my valentine

coffee is my valentine Happy Valentine's Day!

Favorite Fall Pinterest Boards

Hot cup of coffee and tea in a fireplace. How romantic.

Coffee is the Wonder of the World !!

I had a dream there were "Clouds in my Coffee". You're so vain.