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  • Sara Camuso

    Great website with alphabetical index on everything for homesteading, country living, organic farming, raising farm animals, etc.

  • Lori GrimmBundy


  • Rae Pritchard

    Irish spinner and spinning wheel (County Galway, Ireland) (between ca. 1890 and ca. 1900) (Photo by The Library of Congress)

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My hands don't look quite this old, but what wonderful picture of a grandma holding her granddaughter.

Old couples in love make me so happy. we will always be happyyyy

I don't know why but I just love this woman's face. R

Sri Siva Subramaniya Temple, Fiji. There are festivals every month at this colorful Hindu temple.

A lady who has worked hard all her life....Her face has the tracks of hard work....

Half and half photo! Have your lover's other side of their face pressed against your face! Adorable idea! That I thought of! -kaitlin

A short discussion in the sea - 20100817_0040ed2 by greekadman (Dimitris Papazimouris), via Flickr

Wow, downright inspirational shot. Im so touched by this. We need to give special attention to our children and seniors!

We had been traveling from Kunming to Dali with bus, for like six hours or something. When we got to Dali, Old Town, we took a little walk to check out the city. Since we were only staying for one night, I brought my camera. Here we met this beutiful old lady. Her face was just so kind, and when I gave her some money, she smiled and showed her three teeth. She is one of the things I'm going to remember the most from Dali Old Town.

Looking forward to FINALLY letting my hair grow out!