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  • Tori Marshall

    Pregnancy fail! Maybe he's bad at math...

  • Amanda Munsey

    This picture pisses me off with all the accusations. Um most civilians don't know about the two weeks of R our soldiers get during the deployment. This happens as early as 30 days after they leave and as late as 6 months. Not saying every single spouse is faithful, but saying know your facts before you just assume and start posting families all over the Internet.

  • Jennifer Folsom

    Welcome home daddy Hope you're not into math

  • Stacey L

    Pregnancy Fail! So funny but not funny!

  • Kristina Lee

    fail! Lmao welcome to the real life "army wives"

  • Nicole Strother

    Epic FAIL ! We've got a math problem here...

  • Libra Hasenpflug

    I f*cking hate this!!! The comments and statements are ignorant. Wake up people! When a soldier deploys for 12 months, he comes home on leave anywhere from 3 months after he gets there, to the month prior to coming home!! Stop being dumb, and support our military, and stop trying to make them and their families look bad.

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Epic fail....HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! So funny.

I may not be the brightest, but I can say that at my stupidest, I was not this stupid.

selfie lmao it took me a little bit to figure out what was going on here when I did thought this was hilarious.

Wow by far biggest epic fail easiest question I ever seen

Those guys are geniuses…

Hahahahhahahah why wouldn't anyone want to date someone as creative as him?

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I NNEEEEEEDD this!!! And you do too...Arienne Greathouse Alden Ferrell Andrea Satchwell Allison Schaffer and I am too lazy to @ the test so everyone else reading this! Lol

Anti pick-up lines haha i wish I knew the last one sooner!

You feel so special...