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Il piacere degli occhifrom Il piacere degli occhi

La Universal e i suoi mostri

Lon Chaney's replacement in the Make Up department was Jack Pierce and he was a big part of the Universal Family. Bela Lugosi did his own and The Creature from the Black Lagoon was created by Bud Westmore.

Starry Night, so named because it reminded astronomers of the Van Gogh painting. It is a halo of light around a star in the Milky Way ~it also looks like an eye to me...we are all made of star dust & everything that makes up this universe, so it doesn't surprise me to find images of us in the cosmos


10 Interesting Mysteries of the Universe

Dark Matter: Matter that is too dim to be detected by telescopes. Astronomers infer its existence by measuring its gravitational influence. Dark matter makes up most of the total mass of the universe. Dark energy: A mysterious force that seems to work opposite to that of gravity and makes the universe expand at a faster pace. (I call it "The Force!") LOL!

journey-to-balance: We each live in our own universe, a universe of our making. It is designed to support our beliefs and our focus. Our thoughts are our focus, so observe your thoughts, focus on your blessings, and trust. This is how you become a participant…….Peace & Blessings, Journey to Balance

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Real Truth About Lifefrom Real Truth About Life

Disney UFO Video: ALIEN ENCOUNTERS from NEW Tomorrowland

Disney Disclosure ~ 08-25-13 By Jason H ~ In 1995 Walt Disney aired, one time, Alien Encounters: The New Tomorrowland in 5 U.S. cities, and was recorded to VHS by a few people. The documentary advocated the existence of ETs and accused the U.S. govt of a massive cover-up campaign. Robert Ulrich narrated / covered: alien abductions; aliens using earth as a science lab; disclosure could cost U.S.G. its power hold; compelling mass sightings of UFOs; UFO footage; ETs attempting to make open…

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wall-flawer: rip-aaliyah: man, i don’t think

Laying in the snow to look at the Stars in the winter night sky. Peaceful