Fountain of plants!

I need to do this with our old bird bath!- Succulent container gardens can transform bland outdoor spaces into inviting living areas. In turn, the plants benefit from warmth radiated by your homes walls and hardscape and require little water or upkeep.

waterfall planter of succulents

Since the birds don't use my birdbath. Vignette of Plants Spilling from an Urn, Pot and Birdbath.

12 Amazing Succulent Arrangements - Page 5

12 Amazing Succulent Arrangements - Page 5 of 13

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Amanda Karam ~ Here’s a step by step picture guide to this terra cotta fountain planter of sedums & succulents I recently made…

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Designing a Garden With Foliage: Outdoors: Home & Garden Television -- Colorful Succulents: A composition of various sedums creates the foundation of an eye-catching, multi-seasonal bed. River of Hens and Chicks .