Hemming pants

My favorite pin EVER! I tried this and it is so easy and you can hardly tell it is not the original hem. Very clever! From the Tiny Tidbits Blog: How to Hem Jeans like a Professional

This is so cute... if your shorts are too tight just cut the seem and insert lace! i must do this.

jean mending method--Tutorial!

Neat idea for holding up one of those zippers that refuses to stay up

woven quilt - what a unique idea! then you dont have to cut all those little pieces.

Tension tips - I've been looking for this all my life, I think :) - This will be so helpful!

ruffle shirt

Re-purposed jeans. If they have holes, but still fit in the waist. This is way cuter than just making them into shorts!

Bolso reciclando antiguos pantalones vaqueros - vma.

denim skirt makeover TUTORIAL and denim distressing tips

do it yourself divas: DIY: Hem Jeans Fast & Easy

WHAT?!? This is absolutely amazing. Why am I just learning how to do this??? How to hem jeans the correct way leaving the original edging intact.

Hem Jeans

how to take in the waist of jeans the right way. This is a great website for alterations done right

Letting Out Pants - If you've ever struggled to button a pair of pants be sure to check out the Letting Out Pants tutorial. This helpful link will show you how to make pants bigger by letting out the waist. If you are a person whose weight often changes then this can be an extremely helpful trick. You don't need to go out and buy new pants if you have gained a few pounds. Keep your old pants and simply make them more comfortable by letting out the waist with these easy steps.

Hem jeans without losing the original hem

How to Shorten Jeans by Ashley: Clear instructions and photos. (This would also be great for a growing child with pants which are a bit long. Just let them out as the child grows.) #Sewing #Hemming_Jeans

I have hemmed a dozen pair of jeans like this - BY HAND! How To Hem Jeans And Keep The Original Hem!

Clever trick to fix the gap in your jeans waistband

Mend Your Jeans Tutorial