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  • Jennifer Seiderer

    for transcribing only happy thoughts

  • Mikaela Rascano


  • Adrien Joly

    A beautiful creation of American artist Tyree Callahan who transformed an old Underwood Standard typewriter from 1937 to make this painting machine entitled “Chromatic Typewriter“. Each key corresponds to a color, and it is now possible to paint with this color keyboard.

  • jan anderson

    Tyree Callahan This is his conceptual art piece Chromatic Typewriter.He is a fine artist living in Washington and makes his living selling his art. And his art is beautiful. Check out his other works!

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Created by Tyree Callahan: Chromatic Typewriter; entered into 2012 West Prize competition. Callahan replaced ink pads of typewriter with colored paint pads and letters with color markers. WANT.

Translating art into words and words into art: Chromatic Typewriter by painter Tyree Callahan tyreecallahan.blo...

Nostalgic Typewriter | More vintage lusciousness here:

A typewriter for musical notation.. oddly mirroring another design for writing words and numbers that fell by the way-side.

for the love of pink and vintage! oh my how I love this pink typewriter

{Chromatic Typewriter} via This is Colassal & Tyree Callahan :: typing would be so much fun

Human sculpture out of typewriters. All 20th century writers will relate. HT Leora Kornfeld @LK617

Tyree Callahan has created a gorgeous 'Chromatic Typewriter' that paints with oils when you press the keys. It won the 2012 West Prize, which is awarded by popular vote. Using visual arts to change the way we think about the written word - I would love to see my favourite poems typed up on this amazing contribution to the world!

The world of oversize paintbrushes (and paintings).

There is something uniquely beautiful about a typewriter and writings from one.. Its What REAL writers wrote on. And though I love my pen and paper, I WILL have one of my own someday:)