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AmO Images, Animals are so cute and funny. Take a look and enjoy few minutes in the animals world. This investigation can be a real fun!

Love the wild look when a horse yawns!

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God bless perfect babysitter horses and the hearts of the little cowboys that love 'em. So glad we have one of these "babysitter horses".

My Daddy took me to horse back riding lessons at a very young age.perhaps I was psychic then too he was a gambler and used to take me to Pimlico Racetrack he asked me on which horses to place his bet...Was my all seeing eye his lucky star.

Almost Astrid Lindgren storybook inspired portrait of a girl on her fairytale white horse.

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petulant-kitten: “Happy Valentine’s Day ” Oh! Thank you Happy Valentine’s Day gorgeous!

Corgi puppy, explorin a park

Real Emergency Puppy on

RT Emergency Cute Stuff: Corgi puppy, explorin' a park.