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funny Applebee's employee of the month, lord of the rings - Gandalf


Funny pictures about To trip an elf. Oh, and cool pics about To trip an elf. Also, To trip an elf.

So very true

The Hobbit - dat face ' who the hell is interrupting my meal.

Just saw Desolation of Smaug. Many Hobbit pins will now commence. Be forewarned.

In The Fellowship, Gandalf says "If you're referring to the incident with the dragon, O barely had anything to do with it. I just gave your uncle a little nudge out the door." This picture is what he means by "nudge out the door"

the hobbit and lord of he rings is.... SO MAJESTIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Or if someone said " the hobbit is stupid." Or "I didn't like the movie because it wasn't exactly like the book." Get over yourself :P <HEY I didn't like the hobbit because the book was WAY better!

Some fun stuff for you :)

Check this out

OP - "One of the best things in the hobbit was Gandalf constantly counting the dwarves like an exasperated teacher on a school trip." One of the many things to love about The Hobbit - book or movie.

I hate making title.

I hate making title

I don't know if I like segway (sp.) Gandalf best, or the Hobbits in kid seats, or Gimli's feet not on the pedals<<or legolas hair being in gimlis face

Wow! A decade really shows here! EGHeck

Sean Astin : "So, this is my daughter Ali, who played Eleanor in The Lord of the Rings: Return Of the King. Christine & I loved taking her to the Hobbit Premiere to visit with old friends. I don't feel old, just proud.and old :) " I love Sean Astin!