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    Red Stamp Pepper: Aromas of leather and sweet tobacco abound, not unlike that of figs and raisins-traits that are reinforced by the texture of the red stamp pepper. Taste is sweet, reminiscent of mild sun-dried tomatoes, with a pleasant heat that registers 8,000 on the Scoville scale, similar to Espelette pepper or a tame jalapeno.

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Sweet Red Pepper Powder: The aroma is sweet, with ever-so-slight hints of tomato and raisin. Sweet red pepper powder is mild in heat, and aesthetically, provides strong red tones.

Hot Red Pepper Powder: Strong, tomato-like note with a subtle sweetness. Considerable heat builds and is felt at the back of the throat, with light hints of acidity. Notably, this hot red pepper powder is not smoked.

Red Robin Seasoning... just like the bottles everyone is tempted to take from the restaurant. ;)

Isot Pepper: Sweet, smoky and citric aromas give way to a slight, building heat. Textures and notes of leather and tobacco add to the complexity of this pepper.

Red Robin Seasoning Copycat Recipe 5 T nonfat powdered milk, 7 T tomato powder (dried tomatoes, ground to a fine powder) 10 T salt 3 T chili powder 5 T granulated garlic 2 T dried basil 2 T cumin 2 T sugar 1 T paprika 1 t freshly ground black pepper

Turkish Bay Leaves: Bay leaves are herbal in aroma, with slight fennel and oregano tones.

Sumac: Sour is the dominant flavor of Sumac, yet it also possesses a sightly sweet, tannic quality reminiscent of leather, tobacco and dried fruit, as well as a distinct citrus quality.

Cinnamon's flavor is known the world around: a sweet, deep aroma that brings a slight heat in large doses.