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workingtowardsafitme: I got this from A wonderful Tumblr I just discovered, everyone should go follow her. I am going to do this workout this afternoon, as my gym doesn’t open till 6pm on Sunday’s (from 8am to 1pm then 6-8pm), and wanna do something now. I can do these all at home too, which is great!

Because I'm only worth my body, ammirite? No guy wants something that isn't perfect. Of course.

MuscleUp Bodybuilding. ~ mikE | the best site for workout that works!

Yessss - now when ppl ask me why, I'll show them this :D

Forget Calories—Count These Instead to Lose Weight Fast www.womenshealthm...

Dont let the fatigue make a coward of you. #Running #Motivation Find more like this at

cool weight loss record Matthew Kissell you should do this!!