backseat inflatable bed.

Inflatable Backseat Car Bed. Great for extra room when camping.

Inflatable car bed >>> let's go road tripping! This thing looks awesome. :)

Seriously though, everyone should know this. How to break out of zip ties.

10 must-have gadgets. The inflatable bed for the back seat.

Perfect for the car

Food Travel Kit: Turn a tackle/craft box into your own personal wonderland of snacks. 12 Healthy DIY Travel Snacks To Bring On A Plane


I need this in my life.

Puzzle cutting boards.... Love this.... would be great too for little house parties

A cereal container is the perfect no-spill trash can. Also: dice in a Tupperware for travel games. Multi-port USB charger. Spare batteries. Small bills. And dryer sheets as a car freshener!

This special fan for under the sheets really works to cool a bed. | 28 Surprising Things That Really Work, According To Pinterest

Female Urination Device

The Beach Towel Clip anchors your beach towel down in four corners, so it stays where you want it to be, and stays flat when you stretch out in the sun. I need these!!

This house is so tiny it fits in your pocket. Martin Azua’s “Basic House” could be an emergency housing solution — or maybe just an awesome pop-up camping tent.The Basic House is self-inflating, and it’s reversible to either keep body heat on the inside (for warming) or reflect solar heat from the outside (to keep it cool).

Colour Picker Pen this is one of the coolest things in my life.

Bath mat that turns red when wet. AMAZING

brilliant idea for eating in the car.

You can make a clock out of anything with this. i want it.

DIY Growing Crystal Wish Flower /// different colors for different meanings

Airtight bag seal. Cut off top of plastic bottle, pull bag through, fold over and reseal bottle. So smart.