Sight word twister....more ways to make reading fun!

sight word twister - could do it with math also...have answers to multiplication problems on the ground and tell students the problem. "Right foot 6x2"! Cute!

Use paint baggies to practice printing letters, sight words, numbers, etc... so many ways to use this!

Fiddle Sticks – Undoubtedly the BEST game ever!! I’m not exaggerating. Fiddle Sticks really is the best activity ever, especially for practicing skills such as sight word recognition and math facts

Pass the Plate Sight stops...go around and say sight word on your plate (could also do math facts)

Using the Connect-Four gameboard to practice sight words

Sight Word Twister! Kids will not want to stop playing. It's an active, hilarious way to learn those sight words

Sight Word Slap It

I wrote sight words on the flat part of the bubblewrap and when they read the word correctly, they got to pop the bubble! It was sight word recognition and an occupational therapy/finger strengthening activity. You could do letter recognition, number recognition, math facts, etc.

Finger Twister Game - $4.99 // I bet you could easily make this for a simple party favor. Or for tables for guest to play with while waiting for food.

The kids high five and say the word when they go out. Super simple, easy, and effective.

Sight Word Scooping Activity to learn, match sight words with ping pong balls.

word family eggs

Five FREE sight word templates to be used on a cookie sheet! Full version contains 43 templates.

Love this for the lower grades!

this would be great in the classroom - make the graph on the carpet and have your students work together to find the shapes -or- colors, things that start with letters (A- alligator, airplane, apple...), number groups (2 cars, 2 legos, 2 dolls...)

Have you ever used a Vowel Tree in your school room? A Vowel Tree helps children develop the pre-reading skill, word blends. If a Vowel Tree is new to you, here are a few tips. Start by placing one consonant from your moveable alphabet, such as ”r” in front of “a”. Say “ra” to the child. Move down the trunk until you’ve demonstrated all of the word blends: “re”, “ri”, “ro”, “ru”. Let the child take a turn. Start by providing them with a limited amount of consonants. As they g...

Free printable sight word Scrabble game for Kindergartners

Verb shaker via crazyspeechworld...could be adapted to Spanish class

This is amazing activity, outdoor fun and learning. - use 10 golf pegs and plug them in the ground, - set 10 ping pong bolls on top (previously you would take s

A new learning center for my flower unit!