Letter and Number Practice

Spelling words w/clothespin letters.

Ziploc bag painting and other toddler activities @ Happy Learning Education Ideas

Ice cube watercolor paint. Fun idea for little kids :)

letter recognition.sensory tray

Scribble Doodle and Draw: use paint baggies to practice printing letters, sight words, spelling words, etc.. so many ways!

Q-Tips and Straws Fine Motor Skills Activity - A great way to help little hands strengthen fine motor skills and work on colors at the same ...

Shoe tying practice- I need to make this!

sensory bins

Cars + markers. I know a few children who would love this ... and it'd get them mark making at the same time!

Paint bag writing

hand strengthening, fine motor and letter practice in one awesome activity for kids

Busy Bag ideas.

The next activity was Missing Letter Name Practice. We started by singing a little song I sing for Jake to teach him how to spell his name. There was a boy that Mama loved and Jacob was his name O, J, A, C, O, B J, A, C, O, B J, A, C, O, B And Jacob was his name O!

Mess Free Finger Painting

Who needs a full on quiet book when you can have these cute felt games. There are 11 cute individual games. Great felt busy bag ideas.

ThanksPractice spelling names with name puzzles for kids who mix up the letters awesome pin

my class loves this!

Sight Word Games: Looking for a fun way to practice sight words? Write a different sight word on each foam square. Then, put them all in a bag. Pair up the students and have them take turns picking a foam square out of the bag. If they can read the sight word that's on the square they get to keep it and add it to their stack. With each word they get their stack grows. If their stack of foam squares topples over they have to put them back in the bag (the stacks usually don't fall over until t...

practice tracing: make and laminate these for students who need extra practice. They can use a dry eraser marker

Sight words, word, build, write