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  • Pam Lewis

    John Travolta and Olivia Newton John in "Grease" this scene was filmed at Huntington Park High School gym when I was a student there.

  • Paradigm Malibu

    #JohnTravolta #OliviaNewtonJohn #Grease #Dance

  • Patricia Montero

    Grease original John Travolta's dance moves

  • Jessica Decker

    My favorite movie of all time! I still heart John Travolta.

  • Jena Quivey

    I wish our school dances were like the one in Grease(:

  • Hannah Peterson

    Which TV/Movie High School Would You Attend? You got: Rydell High If you attended any fictional high school, it would be Grease’s Rydell High. For you, friendships and relationships are the most important part of life, so you’re quite the social butterfly. Sometimes you have your head in the clouds with a slightly overactive imagination, but that’s part of what makes you so fun to be around. You also maaaay have a thing for bursting into song. But that’s OK, because you can out-dance us any day.

  • Anne Strickland

    Grease Hand Jive John Travolta

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grease,danny mightve taken some time to get sandy back,but here's a guy who will always work for his girl,and will notice her newfound sexiness when it occurs from time to time;)

sandy and danny (olivia newton-john and john travolta) in grease :)

You better shape up! Cause I need a man...and my heart is set on you...

Grease - I can still sing every word to every song. For real.

Grease...I cannot begin to tell you how many times I've seen this movie...I used to watch it with my sister all the time, it is one of her favs!

Olivia Newton-John (from the final scene of Grease) ... gorgeous (except for that nasty ciggy hanging out of her mouth)

Grease (1978) Olivia Newton-John and John Travolta are the cutest!

Danny and Sandy ♥ this movie ... I totally should've been born in the 50s