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Hell Yes! White Water, Vince Foster, Benghazi... Do I Need To Say More!? Wake Up America! KILLARY has WAY too much baggage…not to mention her actions as Secretary of State. APPALLING.

.and prosecute Holder....expel Rino's....dismantle Fed Reserve...reform tax code....restructure FDA & EPA.....tort reform....undo all Barry's executive orders...prosecute Barry (fake id's, false passport, etc....)

(A MAN OF INTEGRITY AND CLASS) When asked about Obama's leadership skills Bush has never said anything against Obama or his decisions. With a tear in his eye President Bush said "God Bless America" & tried to reinforce our faith that Obama believed he was doing what he thought was the best for America.

What kind of fantasy world do these people live in? I guess this fool needs to move to Cuba.......good luck. hahaha...oh wait, she's serious! what a rube ! THIS...THIS IS WHAT VOTED FOR OBOBO!