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DIY: three different t-shirt scarves

all my old tshirts are white. that would be awkward. when was the last time you saw a white scarf that wasn't cable knit?

12 Quick And Easy DIY Ideas For Make A Fashionable Scarves - Nadyana Magazine

T-Shirt Scarves // DIY

#DIY Felting - this is actually really easy to do... I may have to make these heart elbow patched for a blazer for my baby girl... so cute :)

T shirt scarf--After cutting up an old, stretchy t-shirt into thin strips, I braided half the strips and set half aside. I then connected the two parts by wrapping another piece of t-shirt around the top and bottom of the braid. This took about an hour in front of the telly

DIY T-Shirt Dress! Awesome for Football Season with favorite team's shirt

t-shirt scarves. :) brilliant idea! especially since i have way too many t-shirts...

T shirt scarves - I want to make it using some old shirts from family trips

Super easy Scarves from old T-shirts...cut, stretch...anchor to top (can add embellishment at anchor point)...instant cute scarf!!!