Haha!! Start backing up..that always helps! =^..^= #cats #cat #kitty #cute #humor #meme #humour

don't look at it. Just don't. look. can't help but chuckle at cute cat videos with funny sayings on them

If not made for sits, then why does it fits

Cat door

Can't stop laughing. Seriously hahaha

cant stop laughing !!!!!

This is what my black cat Marlow used to look like when he would commando attack unguarded food. Yup - no regrets! We assumed he didn't always get food before we got him from the animal shelter because he was very skinny and a regular feeding schedule seems to have mellowed him.


Cats are crazy

Says every cat in my life. I don't know what it is, but I think my cats need to stop growing. Seems my bras just keep getting bigger to keep up with them. lol


Cat picture recreations

What have we learned? Cats are out to ruin your Christmas. Especially this one.

Grumpy Cat xmas


No, you cant, we've been here already...