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Galena Denton Mine, Rosiclare level, Harris Creek District, Hardin County, Illinois, USA Three interpenetrating crystals of galena, in the shape of modified cubes with microcrystals of chalcopyrite in the interstices, having developed above an aggregate of purple fluorite crystals of which the largest measures 5.5 cm 11,2 x 8,0 x 7,0 cm Main crystal size: 6,2 cm MIM number 1464 Photographer: FMI / James Elliott


Magnificent Fossil Sea Lily Plate. This and more rare fossils for sale on

Xiphactinus Audax - Niobrara Formation, Smoky Hill Chalk, Gove County, Kansas, USA; Gigantic fish skull (profile), and post cranial bones from an extinct predatory fish

Mesolite from India

Opal "Pineapples" - an opal pseudomorph formed by the replacement of glauberite by opal - New South Wales

Linda Marie Plume Agate

Topaz with Bixbyite | ©Stan Celestian Topaz Mountain, Thomas Range, Utah, US.

Very rare combination specimen of Kunzite and Morganite with Quartz and Tourmaline on Cleavelandite! I haven't seen a specimen of this combination in at least a decade so it was surprising when I found it in Tucson. The specimen is very aesthetic with the Kunzite pointing inwards towards a Citrine-like Quartz crystal of equal size. The Morganite, which is orangy-pink, sits below the Quartz atop the Cleavelandite matrix. The Kunzite lays atop Cleavelandite blades which are accented by green Tourmaline crystals. Both the Kunzite and Quartz are doubly terminated and the entire specimen is a floater with the back side being completely coated by a Calcitic covering. From the Dara-i-Pech Pegmatite Field, Chapa Dara District, Konar Province (Kunar Province; Nuristan), Afghanistan.

Tourmaline with Smoky Quartz and Lepidolite. This and other rare mineral specimens for sale on the

Moldavite. Transformation, rapid spiritual evolution, chakra activation, cleansing, protection, increased incidence of synchronicities. Element: Storm. Chakras: All, especially Heart (4th) and Third Eye (6th).

Utah YELLOW CAT Redwood Agate Limb Casts / Petrified Jurassic Conifers dated 145 million years ago

Red Boulder Opal

Zilchovaspis Trilobite

Milenyum Mining cut this 121.65-carat pear-shaped csarite from a 430-gram (2,150-carat) piece of rough. The company said it expects the stone to retail for close to $1 million.

“This may be a 17th C charmstone…where round crystals are found set in silver on a chain for dipping into liquids as charms against disease. Such crystal balls were often found in Northern European burials of the early Middle Ages (especially Germanic, Merovingian and Anglo-Saxon). Meaney suggests these balls were frequently complemented with a sieve-spoon and were mostly found in female burials.”

Gem, Brazil

Stone tools dating from between 26,000 and 19,000 years ago have been found at six locations near the coast of North America. These discoveries are fact not theory. The new findings date much earlier than Clovis - bringing them into chronological contemporeignty with the Solutrean (known primarily from Iberia and SW France). Further, chemical analysis of a stone knife found in Virginia has revealed it was made from flint with an origin in France.

Spearhead of rock crystal, Copper Age, Valencina de la Concepcion, Spain / Mineral Friends ♥

Nevada Lazy Old Men Pictorial Turquoise

Beryl var. Red Beryl, Violet Claims, Wah Wah Mountains, Millard County, Utah

Known as hag stones, holey stones or witch stones, rocks with a naturally occuring hole in them are said to give humans the ability to peer into the world of Faerie when they close one eye and peer through the hole. They are considered by cultures around the world to be a protective amulet when hung on a cord.

Pyrite Sparta Randolph Co. Illinois USA Size: 8x6.8x0.9 cm Weight: 102 g

Calcita sobre Calcedonia