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Few gemstones are found in Wisconsin. There's no gemstone industry in the Badger State and little-to-no commercial production. Agates, however, are collected, sold and traded, primarily among amateur enthusiasts. Beyond that, Wisconsin is home to a number of gem-quality minerals, most of which have been discovered in the process of mining copper, lead and zinc. Moreover, Wisconsin boasts several "mineralogical rain forests," where rare minerals are clustered together.

Earth's Agates Repin & Like. Listen to Noelito Flow #Noel Music

This is a rare "Fire Opal", or Girasol (more info), found in Mexico: almost a world in itself, emanating mysterious light :: "Fire opals are either faceted – that is, as far as their transparency allows – or cut as a cabochon, since this is the shape which best brings out the rich glow of this orange jewel. It is the oval which is regarded as the classical shape for valuable fire opals."

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Ultra Rare Purple Sugilite Fibrous Crystal Cluster, Silky Luster Thumbnail Mineral Specimen, Tiny Earth Treasure

Rare Crystallized Purple Sugilite Mineral by FenderMinerals,

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Gem Silica Ray Mine Arizona Stone Cabochon Druzy Pocket 21.5 carats

Gem Silica Ray Mine Arizona Stone Cabochon Druzy by FenderMineral

Ruby: the “energy stone” because it fuels life vigor, restores passion, stimulates motivation, and aligns one with the authentic self while gently encouraging one to follow his/her bliss; promotes clear visualization. #perspicacityparty #magicgeodes #magicstones #stones #crystals #gems #ruby

Best Places to Dig for Gems in the United States Pan for gold, dig for gemstones, or collect minerals for both fun and profit at some of the best places for gem and mineral digging available.

Silurian Era Gem Stone Mineral Rock Crystal Agate Jasper Stone Cabachon Jewellery Quartz Smokey Blue Aqua