Few gemstones are found in Wisconsin. There's no gemstone industry in the Badger State and little-to-no commercial production. Agates, however, are collected, sold and traded, primarily among amateur enthusiasts. Beyond that, Wisconsin is home to a number of gem-quality minerals, most of which have been discovered in the process of mining copper, lead and zinc. Moreover, Wisconsin boasts several "mineralogical rain forests," where rare minerals are clustered together.

mining and digging your own stones crystals and fossils....U.S.

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*68mm* Mineral! RARE Fossil Wood PRECIOUS OPAL Crystal - Virgin Valley, Nevada

Slice of green and yellow orbicular agate from the National Mineral Collection, Photo by Chip Clark

Pyrite Dubrovsky Mine, Saratov, Russia

Dioptase from Namibia

Utah Yellow Cat Mine Jurassic Petrified Redwood Limb Cast with Agate & Amethyst Crystal

Mesolite and Fluorapophyllite / Maharashtra, India

Opal from the National Gem Collection

Best Places to Dig for Gems in the United States Pan for gold, dig for gemstones, or collect minerals for both fun and profit at some of the best places for gem and mineral digging available.

Detroit Agate / Fordite

Emerald with Calcite | ©Fine Mineral Galleries | iRocks.com Muzo Mine, Boyaca Dept., Colombia.

TOURMALINE Origin: Golconda Mine, Minas Gerais (MG), Brasil

Pretty geode.


Aurichalcite, a zinc mineral said to route new pathways in the brain. Use on third eye chakra for meditation.

Blue Dot Chrysocolla - a cross-section of a blue Chrysocolla tube in Quartz.

Bouquet agate |

Uncut Lake Superior Agate--you have to know what you're looking for, that's for sure! It helps to wet it and hold it up to the sun for any translucency.

Cactus quartz (Spirit Quartz) is a new mineral that was discovered in South Africa in February 2002