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  • Amanda Oldfield does kind of look like ham. Great, now I'm going to think, "ham!" everytime I see Lady Gaga (no offense, Lady gaga)

  • Kristen Burns

    Couldn't help but pin this. Too funny. #humor #funny #lookalike #totallylookslike #ladygaga #ham

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Sadly, this is very accurate! Why does this happen?

Pregnancy in the air... Everyone is announcing they're pregnant and I'm all over here like.... -- LMAO! Ha! This couldn't be more accurate. 6 women at my job are pregnant right now, and while I'm happy for them, I'm like no! to joining the club.

SO TRUE!!!!!!! SO TRUE!!!

"I'm sorry, but Kevin Costner's stunt double called me 'too gay to fly a kite` whatever that means" haha!!!

Youz a real gangsta, cat brotha.

*heehee* (I think so many years amongst pun-crazy spouse and in-laws has finally caught up with me!)

Future me at the gym...except instead of a martini, it'll be vodka, rocks in a water bottle...cus im a classy bitch like that..

Totally true! except, I'm probably one of the few ppl who want them to be raisin....