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  • Grawsome

    Picture of The Day: A Seahorse Discovers The Concept of Time Measuring. Awesome Shot! | Photo by Don McLeish This curious seahorse is obviously interested to discover the shiny object on the hand of a diver and probably see his own reflection for the first time. The way he looks at the watch, could make us thing, if we didn’t know better, that this adorable sea creature actually knows to tell time and is just checking it. Remarkable picture! If you like our picture of the ...

  • Amy Marie

    epic win photos - Checking the Time WIN

  • Lico Butterflykiss

    seahorse checking out divers watch and own reflection underwater #animal

  • Elizabeth Kenyon

    Stunning Photography: Seahorse checking out divers watch and own reflection underwater

  • Camilla Slettmo

    Mirror, mirror...

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