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This is the truest thing I've see about introverted people (as an INTP). Sometimes I think and think and think, and occasionally I say what I think. Then I realise that what I've just said reveals so much about me and my walls could crumble and people might see how I really feel and I would rather be misunderstood because, what if someone knew what I said and everything I've managed to keep hidden is out in the open because I let it slip and someone finally understood.

Link just sends you to a site to buy the kit for this (and it's sold out), but this should be easy enough to figure out from the picture. This would make a cute Christmas decoration or gift (or both)!

When I worked at Wieden + Kennedy/Philly, they had a wall like this one in Portland of all the employees. Unlike other ad agencies that line the hallways with awards, they have a philosophy that celebrates the people who create the work that wins the awards. (For my photo, I went the obvious route and wore a Wisconsin sweatshirt and a cheeshead created by the art department and held a carton of milk. On Wisconsin!