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    Freak of nature. A hagfish with true alien teeth.

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    • Super Fins

      HAGFISH DAY: meet the world’s grossest animal (and a living dinosaur) ... #hagfish #dinosaur #cool #gross #oceans

    • Remi Kalisz

      Some inspiration for you all out there. This is the amazing Hag Fish. It doesn't have jaws. But it does have two amazing things. An incredible set of teeth which it rasps against flesh to rip off feed and an incredible defense mechanism, Slime! Check out this first video first, then watch the second of how it defends itself in the wild.

    • Lauren Joshua

      The Pacific Hagfish - they act as a garbage disposal for the sea, feeding on dead carcasses and anything else that sink down to the bottom. The Pacific Hagfish will swarm the carcass and actually eat it from the inside out with its sharp teeth!

    • John Hutchinson

      Hagfish mouth is not your friend. Pacific hagfish (Epatretus stoutii); from Flickr | patricksumlee

    • Shawn S.

      Scientists refer to the vagina dentata that is the hagfish's face as "two pairs of tooth-like rasps on the top of a tongue-like projection." Just to add insult to horror, it turns out that the hagfish doesn't even really need a mouth, considering that it can actually eat with its skin. It generally gets its nutrition from swimming around in putrid waters around decomposing corpses and absorbing the delicious corpse juice through its pores, not needing its 4 rows of fangs at all

    • john collier

      Pacific Hagfish, Eptatretus stoutii close up of mouthful of teeth

    • Steven Swimmer

      Freak of nature. A hagfish with true alien teeth.

    • Cheryl .

      Hagfish - Eats corpses from the inside out

    • mattmoses

      alien brains

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