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from I Heart Nap Time

Simple and cute Button bookmarks - {TUTORIAL}

Button Paperclip
Button Bookmarks
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Buttons + paperclips = bookmarks

Printable Owl
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Free printable owl bookmarks + a presentation card for gift-giving. (The card makes it look like the owl is perched on a branch.) Love it!

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ribbon/paperclip bookmark - SO simple! great craft idea for my beginner reader & her friends!


Custom Clock with Photo Hands

Custom Clock
Personalized Clock
Clock Hands
Photo Clock
Picture Clock
Kids Photo
Photo 10
Photo Class

How-To make a Custom Clock with Kids Photo as the Hands ~ fun DIY gift idea

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Welcome to Scrappin' Cat's Creative Endeavors: Paint chip bookmarks

from House to Home

9 essential Christmas decorations

Christmas Decorations Diy Tree
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Christmas Kitchen

Clove studded oranges

Ribbon Bracelets
Pearl Bracelets
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DIY pearl and lace bracelet. So simple!

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Mothers Fathers


Ribbon Hair
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Cuter Fabric

Ribbon Bookmark. Sew an elastic hairband to one end of ribbon and sew a button to the other end of the ribbon. Now it can wrap around the section of book you already read and TADA! Page saved! It's even drop proof! (You know . . . when you drop your book and the bookmark falls out and you lose your page.)