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Kazimierz Piechowski is one of just 144 prisoners to have broken out of the notorious Nazi camp, Auschwitz, and survive. Piechowski spent time in Ukraine before he returned to Poland, joining the partisan Polish Home Army and spending the rest of the war fighting the Nazis. Incredible story.

The most wanted Nazi war criminal in the world is reported to have died recently, and guess where he was hiding? His name is Alois Brunner and he was known as Adolf Eichmann's "best man." He was Eichmann's personal assistant and right hand man, and he was single handedly responsible for sending an estimated 144,000…

Mary Edwards Walker (November 26, 1832 - February 21, 1919) was an American feminist, abolitionist, prohibitionist, alleged spy, prisoner of war and surgeon. She is one of only eight civilians, and the only woman ever to receive the Medal of Honor.

Warsaw Ghetto inhabitants hide in a bunker. The Warsaw Ghetto Uprising (April 19-May 16, 1943) was the twenty day battle initiated by the Jewish fighting forces in Warsaw when German troops entered the ghetto to begin the final round of deportations. Photo credit: Archiwum Akt Nowych


‘The Auschwitz Volunteer,’ by Witold Pilecki

‘Were We All People?’ ‘The Auschwitz Volunteer,’ by Witold Pilecki. One man volunteered for Ausch­witz, and now we have his story. In September 1940 the 39-year-old Polish cavalry officer Witold Pilecki deliberately walked into a German roundup in Warsaw, and was sent by train to the new German camp. His astounding choice was made within, and for, Poland’s anti-Nazi underground.

Jan Kostanski, a Polish teenager, assisted the Wierzbickis, a Jewish family he knew well as neighbors before the war. After German authorities confined the Wierzbickis in the Warsaw ghetto, Kostanski smuggled food to them. In this 1942 photo, Jan is entering the ghetto through a barbed-wire fence. When the Germans began deportations from the ghetto, Jan helped bring several members of the Wierzbicki family to safety on the “Aryan” side of Warsaw, where his mother found them hiding places.


The Brink of Oblivion: Color Photos From Nazi-Occupied Poland, 1939-1940

Poland was invaded by Nazi forces in 1939 and occupied for a period of time during World War II. This is a picture of Poland in 1940 under Nazi-occupation.

Kim Phuc was pictured in a world-famous and iconic photograph from the Vietnam war, running naked from an airborne attack, horribly burned with napalm, in June of 1972. Since then, Kim has found peace, and a message she can offer, borne of her suffering. She runs The Kim Foundation International, and she acts as a Goodwill Ambassador for UNESCO. She has transformed into a viable, visible symbol of peace and hope. Hers is an important story of resilience, courage, and forgiveness.