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    • Susan Marsh

      So funny! (Bad I know) Why do I feel that this would happen to me? I would certainly give an English grammar lesson.

    • Samantha Johns

      This happened to me. Except she was so ghetto I had no idea what she was saying, except I effd her man n she wuz gunna find me.. She kept hanging up an calling back screaming gangster at me. Finally she stopped n I said "hi! I'm super white, not effing your man.. You have the wrong number!..." she giggled and said "oh shoot it's not her.".. IDIOT

    • Jenni Pierce

      Not even kidding I've had a similar text convo. I want s blunt a this girl on giving the accuser such an English lesson though! Wish I would have been. Ha! The joys of wrong numbers...

    • Amy Ann

      English Lesson, I would so do this (to a wrong number)! I hate when people text like that!!

    • Katelin Campbell

      omg i love grammar corrections, and wrong numbers, basically these text messages.

    • Crystal Rodriguez

      English lesson!! So funny! Funniest part was she had the wrong number!

    • Mag B

      I can't wait for someone to get the wrong number via text message :)

    • Connie Fedezko

      so funny! stuff-that-s-funny-from-the-interwebz

    • Nicole Lynn Biancaniello

      Funny text message

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